How It Works

A brief look at our course packages

Course Package Plans

Here’s a breakdown of our course packages currently available. Just let us know if you need help deciding.

Our own curriculum

Our courses are specifically designed for ages 4 to Adult with content that applies directly to Chinese students and professionals. Whether you’re beginning to read and write English, or interested in improving your skills for travel or business. Courses cover reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

We’ve developed our own courses to the standards of the education system available in Canada. We also work closely with students to create a system that help them achieve the goals they set.

Every student at Loving English has the opportunity to have their skills assessed, and receive suggested courses based on that level. In addition, they can customize the level of interaction with teachers they receive.

One-on-One Courses

Our teachers are friendly, and highly trained. Naturally you’ll get a chance to choose learning either in a group format, or on an individual basis. This includes a chance for interaction with the teacher, and real-time feedback on your progress. Alternatively if you prefer a lecture based lesson, you can attend class in a group of your fellow peers. All group classes are secure, moderated environments where students can feel comfortable, and learn with no distractions.

Free Oral Assessment

We recommend all students take an English Assessment with us to determine what courses will benefit you the most. Assessments are completely free of charge. No matter what level of education you are currently, we’ll find the perfect place for you.

Assessments help us determine where to get started with a student’s training, pinpoint where they are making progress, and address the areas they can improve in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What hardware requirements are there?

All you need is a computer/tablet with an internet connection, and a headset and/or microphone. We recommend finding a quiet location to attend lessons. Smartphones are not recommended for attending class, or assessment.

What about Software? Do I have to install anything?

No, there's no software required. Students will receive a link by email for each scheduled class, and all you need is an up-to-date web browser in order to attend.

Are there discounts available for course prices?

Yes we have discounted rates and flexible price plans! Contact us for more information about pricing, plans, and available discounts.

How do I start?

We recommend signing up for a Trial Class first, it's completely free. After that we can recommend courses and packages that are best suited to you. Contact us here for more info.

Still have questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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